The Ultimate Burger (8 x 6oz)


For the first time ever, home chefs can enjoy burgers made to the exacting standards of the best speciality burger restaurants. The Ultimate Burger is simply 100% British beef, seasoned with cracked black pepper and sea salt. Shocker, I know. Here’s the special bit… This burger is carefully minced and then formed into patties under very low pressure so the grain of the mince doesn’t get crushed or squashed. Why does this matter? Because no matter how you cook it, each mouthful will just pull away with a bite. The end result: The most tender, juicy burger you’ve ever cooked.

Here at last, exclusively at Malpass Butchers, the burger secret of the professionals, available to enjoy in your own home!

100% British, 100% Gluten Free, and 100% impossible to recreate at home.

Product Information

8 large 6oz burgers per pack

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