Grand Deluxe "Boneless" Christmas Hamper


For those who like the easy-carving simplicity of having no bones in their joints of meat, this is the hamper for you. The butterfly turkey allows the meat to cook evenly and without drying out while the aged beef has a flavour of its own. Boneless pork loin is simple to prepare while the horseshoe gammon is a visual beauty. The traditional stuffing, chipolatas and bacon all add to the occasion.


1 x 5kg turkey butterfly

1 x 3kg roll aged beef

1 x 3kg boneless pork loin

1 x 4.5kg whole gammon horseshoe

2 x  1kg packs of chipolatas

1 x 2.2kg pack of streaky bacon

1 x 1kg tube of luxury stuffing

Please note delivery date restrictions:

Our Christmas Range will be available for delivery on the 22nd and 23rd of December.

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