For many people, Turkey says everything about the festive season. It is the centrepiece and the family gather around to enjoy its meat not only for Christmas Day but often as cold cuts for Boxing Day and in soups and stews over the holiday season. Turkey is flavoursome, versatile and leftovers can be used for so many different occasions that it is often worth buying a large bird to make sure there is plenty to go round for the whole of the Christmas break.

Please note delivery date restrictions:

Our Christmas Collection will be available for delivery on the 23rd December, we can only deliver on this date unless specifically requested within the notes section when placing your order.

Turkey Portion Guide

Size   Portion guide
5kg 10-11 people
5.5kg 11-12 people
6kg 12-13 people 
6.5kg 14-15 people
7kg 15-16 people
7.5kg 16-17 people
8kg 17-18 people
8.5kg 18-19 people
9kg 19-20 people