The Family Saver Hamper

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Sometimes it helps if someone else does the thinking when it comes to buying meat and this Butchers Savers Box helps you make the most of your shopping budget by offering great value and some new ideas. By bundling up different products you can get to try new things alongside your family favourites, knowing you’re making a saving all the way.


1 x 4kg Large Chicken Breast Fillets

1 x 1kg Prime Beef Mince

1 x 1kg Cumberland Sausages

1 x 2.2kg Unsmoked Bacon

1 x 3kg Prime Aged Roast Beef

1 x 800g Diced Beef

1 x 600g Sirloin Steaks

1 x 700g Rump Steaks

2 x Whole Chickens

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