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Why Us?

 We have over 200 years of family-run butchery experience. We care about our brand, our quality and always aim to put our customers first. We value our history and still retain our family recipes such as our homemade Cumberland Sausages. Our customers say they are the best for miles! 

Why Malpass?  Our customers can purchase top quality meat at wholesale prices, providing families with tremendous savings. Steak doesn’t just have to be for special occasions.  We work with the highest quality suppliers from all over the country to bring you the tastiest cuts at the best prices.

Our butchers are highly experienced and prepare all the meat in-house to ensure quality control is second to none. Place an order with us online and have our produce delivered direct to your door. We offer free nationwide delivery for orders over £70.

Our meat is fresh and if it has been previously frozen it will be stated on the label.   Where possible we sell British meat. The meat industry is very unpredictable such as Gressingham has Bird Flu which has affected British Geese and Duck. The pandemic is also affecting farms and suppliers so we cannot guarantee that all our meat is British at the moment.  As a family run business we have to continue to trade and if we cannot source our meat locally we have to go slightly further afield. We do not claim our meat is British. We are completely transparent. We buy a lot of our meat from Smithfield Market. If you would like to know any further information please get in touch.