Fillet Steaks 1kg

2.2 lb
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Size: 1kg (4-5 steaks)

Super trimmed middle cut aged prime fillet steaks.

Fillet steak is one of the most sought-after cuts of beef, famed for its lean, tender and delicate texture and often the centrepiece of any restaurant or dinner party menu. The fine flavour of this meat means it is simply cooked without any seasonings other than some salt and pepper. In this case, bring the steak to room temperature and dry all over with a kitchen towel. Season lightly and then cook in a very hot pan for three minutes on one side and three and a half on the other until the juices appear. Turn over again and cook for a further two minutes. You can use this time to base with some butter and herbs, giving a total cooking time of 8.5 minutes. Rest uncovered for ten minutes before serving.

Product Information

Approximately 4 Fillet steaks per pack.

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